Bels Bling derives from my name Belinda. Most people call me Bel and they know I  like blingy sparkly things,so I thought it was appropriate to name it after discovering from the many years I have been selling online that lots of people just love eye catching accessories with lots of glitz and sparkle. I also sell on Ebay uk and that is how I started out. Firstly doing auctions on items around the house, then trying my hand at selling a few handbags,then eventually branching out to stocking womens fashion accessories in general. I have an eye for a bargain so try and keep my prices as low as possible and always look out for quality items to bring to you.

I offer FREE Uk shipping when spending £25 or more.

Besides Blingy stuff we have lots more Trendy items like Fashion Jewellery, clutch bags and and many more products which won't break the bank. Thanks so much for dropping by 

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