Balmy days and nights and new accessories

Well what a strange year up to now weather wise for one.

It seems summer comes earlier each year. Didn't we have some nice days in May, it seems so long ago. I remember painting our garden fence green and painting myself too at one point.

it certainly helped during the "lockdown" period that we didn't have to stay inside all day and night looking at the pouring rain.

Now it's August, it's gone balmy, are we ever happy. It is too hot for me, I'm a very pale person with freckles and had two lots of skin cancer removed last year so have to be careful. People say to me, "Why are you so white", just sit in the sun, you will get a tan. If only it was that easy. I've tried false tan, but besides the smell, it doesn't look right on me, so I am staying pale :)

I wonder how many people are on holiday this year, I can imagine less going abroad with what is going on in the world and people made to quarantine when coming back, the rules seem to change each week.

I've been busy listing new products for my website, it's very, very quiet, quite worrying really. Lots of people on Furlough still, companies going bankrupt, people getting laid off. It's a very worrying time.

But I keep plodding on, afterall I've so much stuff to sell and need to make a living somehow.

Here are some new accessories , what do you think of them?

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