Been a while

Hi Everybody It's been a while since I did a blog. Where has the time gone?

Since lockdown, time has been very strange, somedays I feel it's gone quick, yet at other times slow. I hope all of you are keeping well and safe and not been hit too hard under the cirumstances. It certainly is very surreal and some what stressful, emotional, sometimes depressing and worrying.

But I also see that lots of people have come together and helped each other and I just wanted to say thank you for everybody who has made a purchase off this site or my Ebay shop, it really has been much appreciated. I have also tried to support a few of you too, but can't afford to help many (wish I could).

Lets hope things will be back to some sort of normailty real soon. I think it has made me feel that we shouldn't always take things for granted and get lost on our way.

I also want to give thanks to all the NHS staff, I know a few personally and also for my few hours in hospital back in March, the nurses and docs were marvellous. Also the supermarket workers, drivers, delivery people etc and for many, many others. You have been stars.

I go out every week to clap for the NHS and also say thanks to everybody on the front line.


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