Is your Secret Santa Gift such a Secret

It's the time of the year where it's almost time to get ready for the Christmas party and if you work with a few people to organise the "Secret Santa " gift.

I've taken part in quite a few of these over the years and find them fun and affordable.

The most I have spent is £10 which was quite unusual as they mostly are £5 gifts.

How does Secret Santa work, well where I've worked in the past, we put names of our colleagues or team members on folded bits of paper, put them in hat and each person takes one. You then buy a small gift for about a fiver for that person.

Mostly I bought practical gifts like a bubble bath set or a scarf but depending on who it was for sometimes a jokey present.

We then on the last day of work, gave them out to each other and sat

watching their faces as they opened them.

Did we cheat and know what we had got each other, did it slip out, well, ermmm yes sometimes.

Here at we have some great ideas for Secret santa below the £5 mark and what's even better is, it's FREE shipping within the UK.

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