First Blog as Bels Bling

Hmmm where do I start, do I just waffle or do I write and take my time.

This is me we are talking about, anyone who knows me will say I just say it how it is and in my strong Lancashire accent.

Here goes.....

Working at the dining room table

Are you like me who works from the dining room table, a tray or on the sofa, with an eye on the TV and lots of clutter on the table. Do you blog in your PJ's with a tendency to forget what time it is and then the postman turns up at 1pm and you are still in your Pj's. I think my postman thinks I don't posses anything else and even though I go to bed late and rise late, I do get dressed eventually.

I suppose I should get dressed and put my "Office head" on and declutter the table. I do this from time to time and feel more productive, then I go back to messy me.

Four Months on

Belsbling is now four months on and after struggling with Wix the company I use for this website and hosting, I now am getting better and better each week. I am proud of what I have achieved and you never know, you might get a few blogs out of me.

My next blog will start to feature some of my items I stock. I have branched out a bit from Handbags, Fashion jewellery to Beauty products, Gift ideas and lots more. I look for products which are affordable and trendy and offer Free Uk delivery within the uk.

Here is a little peep at some of the items I offer.

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