Mask up in style

Well who would have thought we all would be wearing masks this long, what a strange 11 months it has been.

I have several masks in different designs and patterns and wear them if I go to the supermarket or anywhere which require you to wear one. I have tried a few, some have been too small and felt so tight across my face making me panic a bit as I felt a bit claustrophobic .

So when my friend from Hampshire Furniture asked me if I would like to try one which she sells online or can be collected from her lovely shop at Medstead, Hampshire, I agreed to test it and write about it

First of all when I took it out of the packet I noticed the bright flower pattern which was nice. It made it much better to wear even if it's only psycological to feel a bit more "normal", at least it was a pretty mask.

The pleated effect was nice and inside although they have a slight medical smell to them can be washed and worn about 40 times. The ear loops are elasticated and come with small button adjusters which I didn't need to use. There is an inbuilt nose part which you can bend slightly if it feels tight as I did when I first put it on and felt it pressing against my nose. I just gently bent it and it feels so much better.

These details are copied off the website where they are for sale in different patterns

Adult Multi-pleat Face Mask. Community Mask. Hosp Protect Mask with 4 layers – Type ll.

USE: Textile mask intended for use by the general public with a view to preventing the spread of viruses.

RAW MATERIALS: 2 layers Fabric 100% Pes; 2 layers Non-woven 100% Pes


  • AGES: Adult

  • Designs: Black, White, Paisley, Abstract Brush, Abstract Paint, Abstract Lines


  • W 17 cm x H 12 cm, Elastic: 19 cm

  • Reusable mask (40 uses)

  • Three-dimensional structure

  • Printed Design on a pleated layer

  • With ear elastics

  • With nose adjustment

  • Antibacterial finish

  • Available in a variety of colours

Face mask that helps to prevent particles expelled by the user (for example saliva, mucus)from reaching other people or surfaces and so preventing the spread of viruses and at the same time protecting the user from particles coming from others.

APPROVALS: Masks level 2, according to the document "Masks intended for use within the scope of COVID-19", of April 14, 2020.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Washing before first use is optional. After use it should be washed using a complete washing cycle for a minimum of 30 mins at 60ºC and with detergent. Can only be used once completely dry.


Before using the mask first wash hands with soap and water or an alcohol based solution: Place the mask in the correct position – the folded edge should be on top; Secure the mask by the lines of support/elastics and adapt to each ear; Adjust the mask to the nose and chin without touching the face of the mask.


Wash hands with soap and water or an alcohol based solution; Remove the mask just by holding the lines of support/elastics; Keep the mask far away from the face and clothes in order to avoid touching potentially contaminated surfaces of the mask; Put the mask in an appropriate container and once again wash the hands.

40 Washes: Technical Certification Documentation

The price for this particular mask is £8.99, to go directly to the mask and other patterns, click here

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