Will it stop raining

Not sure about where you all live but it's about time it stopped raining. It's meant to be the Uk's summer season. Just proves that you can't rely on the weather to plan things. So maybe when planning look for something indoors and outdoors.

Maybe take a picnic with a few sandwiches and drinks in case you set off somewhere nice and it starts to rain. At least you can sit in the car and eat your lunch and keep dry at the same time. If you have the bonus of a sunny day, then how perfect would it be to sit and eat those snadwiches on a little bench facing the sea. Oh how I wish right now!

When lockdown began the weather wasn't that bad, me and hubby sat in the garden most days just watching the birds. Even painted the fence. It seems summer is now in April/May.

I've been keeping busy with new stock, trying to get motivated to list more, the days seems to go too quick and before I know it, it's time for bed again.

Here are a few new items I would like to show you all. Hope you like them x

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